Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank


Community Bank Marketing

We were brought in by WGSB with the assumption that they were going to change, or at least evolve their name, and initiate a much “slicker” and contemporary image campaign. Instead, what we learned by conducting extensive focus groups with customers and non-customers, front line employees, and senior management of the bank, is that when you’re a 150 year old community bank in the north country of New Hampshire, and your bank name is chiseled in the most historic granite buildings on the main streets of the towns you serve, your messaging needs to connect with people who’ve chosen a different kind of life. Customers really don’t want change—much less a city-slicker approach. This is not NYC, Boston—not even Manchester. Folks move a slower pace, drive a lot (in trucks, and sometimes just to pick up milk), and have a down-to-earth sense of humor. STA created a new positioning, “Balance Everything,” a clean visual design, and a custom music theme to set the tone and a pace that resonated with the local community.

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