Bigelow Tea



It all started with research. Focus groups conducted with both men and women about their interest and habits in drinking tea revealed something hidden “between the lines.” Many men said they had heard and might be interested in drinking, specifically, green tea, because they heard that it was better than coffee for their health. Eureka! We told Bigelow they could “own” a market niche. Then, we discovered that Joe Torre, at that time the manager of the NY Yankees, drank Bigelow green tea at the recommendation of his nutritionist, to fight his history of prostate cancer. Lightning struck twice: Market green tea to men through their sports legends. The rest is Bigelow (and tea marketing) history. No one had ever done anything like this in the category, and it worked like a charm. Bigelow soon truly “owned” the green tea market, and not only for men, but overall, and became the #1 green tea in America.

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