Town & Country Credit Union


Financial Marketing & Social Media Launch

Over seven years as T&C’s agency, STA helped T&C realize their strategic goals, including many years where growth in deposits and membership exceeded expectations and was up more than 10% (when the rest of the state of Maine, and the national average was under 1%). We successfully launched the credit union into the wild, wild world of social media, simultaneously creating a T&C branded charitable fund. This very effective social media effort won the Gold at the Credit Union National Association’s (CUNA) Diamond Awards for best social media campaign in the nation! Next came “Happy Mainers,” a feel-good social media sub-branded campaign. This platform was so popular, the credit union had to bench it, because it was taking on a life of its own. T&C marketing folks said when they attended the Maine Lobster Festival, their “Happy Mainers” pop-up tent had a huge line of interested folks, much to the chagrin of LL Bean, who’s famous shoe-mobile next door was virtually empty.
Warning: be careful when you ask STA to make something go “viral.”

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