BayCoast Bank


Merging Two Banks, Renaming, and Rebranding

What do you do with two banks, merging together, with what a independent research company called “dormant brands”? When we took on the assignment, the bank was ranked #12 in unaided awareness in the market. We managed to build awareness thru the merger by running fun ads and an interactive contest for the public to “Guess Our New Name.” A year after we re-named and rebranded the merged banks, as BayCoast Bank, they were #3 in the market! (The Texas researcher said he’d never seen a bank gain awareness and credibility so shortly after a name change). Our new positioning, Just Right ®, was a hit, and the double-‘entendre felt just right to the bank’s and it’s CEO, who’s an active philanthropist in the community. The bank, now with the “Just Right” mix of financial professionals, products, branches, and ATM locations, also does what’s “Just Right” for its customers and its community. What a notion.

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