Sean Shares Insights from his Keynote Presentation at the CHPRMS Conference

SeanCHPRMSSean Tracey was a featured Keynote Speaker and creative/design Workshop Leader at the Carolinas Healthcare Public Relations & Marketing Society (CHPRMS) 2016 Fall Conference in Charleston, SC this past week. The conference brings together marketing professionals from hospitals, physicians’ practices, health insurance companies, and more to get inspired and hear about strategies and innovations in healthcare marketing and communication.

His presentation “Market Like Google, Pepsi (and yes)…Even Coors! Connect with the Psyche” shared key insights on how leading brands continuously ride the innovative edge and keep consumers responding. It asked, “Why don’t we healthcare marketers take inspiration from these successful ideas?” and followed up with a hands-on workshop.

So, what’s speaking at a healthcare conference like? We went straight to the source to glean some insights:

Why is it beneficial for you to attend this convention?

ST: It is a great opportunity to share best practices, knowledge, and marketing experiences I have learned working with healthcare and other clients.

What are you presenting and why?

ST: I was honored to present as a Keynote speaker to the entire convention. I also conducted a workshop where attendees worked together in revolving groups of six to put to work many of the concepts and ideas I outlined in my morning keynote address.

It is always fun to work in a workshop atmosphere. It allows people to be more hands on and involved. It also allows me to see how individual attendees react to my ideas and how they approach solving their own marketing challenges.

How can attendees benefit from your workshop?

ST: They learn through my feedback and the ideas and interaction with other marketers working with them during the workshop. People always email and connect with me on LinkedIn after these presentations and workshops—they feel energized, seeing more possibilities and avenues for their own marketing initiatives. They also have more confidence in presenting their ideas to the C-Suite when they see that they are recognized and supported by their peers.

Do you have any takeaways from this convention?

ST: Yes. I always try and stay for the whole convention. I like to meet people and listen to the other speakers. I listen in on the presentations that are not my main focus or skill set, so I’m always learning and becoming well-rounded as a healthcare marketer. At CHPRMS, for instance, I learned a lot about transparency in posting physician ratings on hospital websites from Ed Bennett.