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Virtually unknown tea company takes on giants and wins 22% market share.

“Bigelow Tea has a 22% share of the national tea market. Our closest competitor (with 10 times our marketing budget) has only an 10% share. Clearly, our marketing is 10 times more effective.”

– David Bigelow , CEO, R.C. Bigelow Tea

12% to 27%

Market Share in New York

18% to 33%

Market Share in Boston


Tea Brand in United States in 2020.

True Loyalty is Personal

Always Florence Bank

150 year old institution transforms from a "ho-hum" community bank to a brand powerhouse.

“…The Most Creative Agency In The World!”

– Monica Curhan, Director of Marketing, Florence Bank


Increase in Brand Awareness


Increase in Customer Loyalty


Point lead above market norm on Brand Awareness

Connections Unlock Doors

Auger - Design - Build

Building a brand with the same precision needed for building a house, improves curb appeal.

“STA understands that ‘everything matters’.”

– Ben Auger, Founder
Auger Building Company

ABC Magazine Ad for Auger

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