The Magic in the Story.

Stories have the power to forge deep connections with audiences. A good story transports us to new worlds, introduces compelling characters, and sparks imaginations. Stories build loyalty, trust, and advocacy. They can be catalysts for meaningful change.

At Sean Tracey Associates, we uncover those authentic human narratives at your brand’s core. Strategically, our masterful storytellers craft your tale into compelling copy and visuals that resonate emotionally with target audiences. The results are breakthrough campaigns that achieve your goals for greater brand awareness, loyalty, and increased market share. The power is within your story.

North Country Healthcare

Joining forces proves innovative and profitable for a North Country Healthcare System.

“Second only to people, your brand is the best investment an organization can make.”

– James Patry, MBA, MS  Vice President, North Country Healthcare


Increase in Brand Awareness.


Increase in people seeing NCH Advertising.


Increase net promoter score.

BayCoast Bank - Just Right

Encouraging the community to be involved in renaming your brand pays dividends for a local bank.

13th to 3rd

Increase in Unaided Brand Awareness


Virtually unknown tea company takes on giants and wins 22% market share.

“Bigelow Tea has a 22% share of the national tea market. Our closest competitor (with 10 times our marketing budget) has only an 10% share. Clearly, our marketing is 10 times more effective.”

– David Bigelow , CEO, R.C. Bigelow Tea

12% to 27%

Market Share in New York

18% to 33%

Market Share in Boston


Tea Brand in United States in 2020.

Auger - Design - Build

Building a brand with the same precision needed for building a house, improves curb appeal.

“STA understands that ‘everything matters’.”

– Ben Auger, Founder
Auger Building Company

Always Florence Bank

150 year old institution transforms from a "ho-hum" community bank to a brand powerhouse.

“…The Most Creative Agency In The World!”

– Monica Curhan, Director of Marketing, Florence Bank


Increase in Brand Awareness


Increase in Customer Loyalty


Point lead above market norm on Brand Awareness