Bigelow Tea – Green Tea for Men

Green Tea for Men

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It all started with research. Focus groups conducted with both men and women about their interest and habits in drinking tea revealed something hidden “between the lines.” Many men said they might be interested in drinking green tea because they heard that it was better than coffee for their health. We strategized that the best way to break into that male market was through sports and prominent sports figures. The rest is Bigelow history:  Joe Torre (Yankees), Phil Simms (Giants), Wayne Gretzky (The Great One), and Terry Francona (Red Sox).  Soon, Bigelow owned the male market for tea, made double-digit strides in sales in all markets we advertised, and became the #1 green tea in America.

Bigelow Tea – Joe Torre Green Tea TV Spot

Bigelow Tea – Phil Simms Green Tea TV Spot