Tufts Health Freedom Plan – Brand Research

Tufts Health Freedom Plan- Brand Research

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Sean Tracey Associates brand research process is the perfect way to start any successful campaign or brand refresh.  For Tufts Health Freedom Plan (THFP), we used research to form a completely new company brand.  THFP was a new model for healthcare, a partnership including Tufts Health Insurance and four of the finest hospitals in Southern New Hampshire.  STA created the brand positioning and assets from the ground up, in less than six months, to meet their sales launch.

STA went to five different cities in THFP’s market and conducted intercept interviews. From there, we moved on to the internal organization and its sister companies in Massachusetts and Connecticut, and the four hospitals, to uncover the secret to their success and what would make the Tufts brand special. With the full picture in hand, our Tufts Health Freedom Plan brand launch was able to capture and communicate the spirit and essence of this truly unique insurance plan.

Brand Television Spot

STA Audience Intercept Interviews