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"...The Most Creative Agency In The World!"

– Monica Curhan, Director of Marketing, Florence Bank

Florence Bank Billboard

Florence Savings Bank, a treasured community institution for over 140 years, found its brand messaging getting lost in a sea of sameness. Their reputation for excellence remained strong, but their marketing lacked the emotional connection needed to truly resonate with customers.


We at Sean Tracey Associates understood the bank’s rich history and loyal customer base. However, research revealed their existing tagline, “Partners in your hometown,” wasn’t sparking recognition. It was time to refresh their marketing strategy while honoring their heritage.

Our collaboration took us on a six-month journey. We delved into market analysis, customer insights, and strategic planning. The result? A powerful new brand promise: “Always.” This simple yet evocative word captured the essence of Florence Bank’s unwavering commitment to their community.

The rebranding wasn’t just about a new logo and tagline (although a modern visual refresh was implemented). It was about infusing their marketing with warmth, relatability, and a clear understanding of their customers’ evolving needs.

The impact was undeniable. Brand awareness soared by 20%, exceeding market norms by a significant margin. Customer loyalty deepened by 15%, a testament to the emotional connection forged through the new messaging. But the true win lies in the countless stories of families who continue to trust Florence Bank, a bank that promises to be there – Always.


  • Brand awareness increased by 20%.

  • Customer loyalty increased by 15%.

  • The bank surpassed the market
    norm on brand awareness by a significant margin, with a 20-point lead above its competitor.