Targeted Advertising



Advertise smarter.

Sean Tracey Associates has the capabilities and insight to optimize your advertising. We focus on pinpointing ROI driven placements while diversifying media channels to create fresh and engaging campaigns.

With so many different advertising channels available today it can be daunting to keep track of advertising dollars and media plans. We keep detailed records and results to simply show where every dollar goes and the ROI behind them.




Men drink tea too who knew…

Over six years Sean Tracey Associates deployed our Targeted Advertising methods to target a niche market for Bigelow Tea. That market was green tea for men, at the time an underserved market. We implemented a full marketing campaign hitting huge advertising channels through celebrity television spots (geo-targeted with local sports figures), popular men’s¬†publications like Sports Illustrated, and a digital campaign backed by strong Google Adword ROI tracking. The results speak for themselves.

12% to 27% Market Share in New York

#13 to #1 Tea Brand in America

18% to 33% Market Share in Boston